Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Blogging

A blog I read on a fairly regular basis had a very strange quote on it the other day. I won't repeat it word for word to avoid any searches, but the gist of the quote was that this person needed a break from blogging. One main reason was to take care of other pressing business.

OK, I understand this perfectly. On this blog you will see one of us authors disappear for a week or two at a time for vacation, because we are busy, or for whatever other reason. What the heck - we aren't getting paid for this.

However, the main reason the author seemed to need a break was that this person didn't like it when simple, stupid posts had a large trail of comments, but posts that took a lot of time, research and emotion dumped into them would have two comments.

I had to laugh. But I was a bit perplexed. This particular blogger was one that I considered pretty sharp and talented. Maybe just talented.

I can't count the number of times that I have done hours and hours of research on a post, only to get one or two comments.

Conversely, I did a stupid post on my shaved head that got picked up by a couple of large blogs for whatever reason, and to this day (several years later) we still get traffic from it. I call them Br1tney posts. Br1tney posts ALWAYS get more comments than Einstein posts. Unless you are some sort of established political blogger or hot shot journalist that has a blog, your comments will usually be limited - unless you are talking about Br1tney (some people call it cat blogging).

When blogging on an amateur level, i.e. not for money, every post you put up should be for one reason and one reason only. To further yourself. Anything else you get is just gravy.

And in the end, we are all sort of working on our best buggy whips. I really don't think I see blogs even around in 5-10 years.


Carl from Chicago said...

Agreed that blogs won't be around in this format.

But there will be some outlet for people to communicate what they want to communicate.

5 years ago I had web sites which I gradually abandoned... someday there will be something else. And if we want to participate, we will.

But as you say you can't judge yourself by what gets comments... or you will go insane.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Think I know of which blog you speak.

Is it the blog written by a female who enjoys teasing the male gun blog crowd by posting images of her guns, her cleavage and her shapely bottom in a slinky cocktail gown? Lots of luscious food images and recipes too?

The one where the female writer is a poet, an impressionist painter, a gourmet pastry chef, a bush pilot, accomplished marksman, firearms expert, hunter, camper and photographer all in one and still manages to write long flowing prose to post each and every day?

Is it the one where men make slobbering comments about how absolutely wonderful she is on a daily basis?

Is that the one??

And now she's complaining about lack of comments?

Dan from Madison said...

Ah wise one, you know of which blog I speak.

I really did laugh out loud for quite some time when I read about the complaint of not enough comments on the "good" posts. I will still read that blog though, just skimming past the long flowing, sappy prose and stopping at the recipes.

Gerry from Valpo said...

I skip the writing for the most part and read the comments. One of those poor old farts will suffer a coronary one day reading her blog. That or choke to death on their own slobber while writing a comment.

On the positive side, she publishes some rather good recipes :)

Dan from Madison said...

I see we read it for the same reasons...

James R. Rummel said...

I agree with your assessment, guys, and thought I was the only one with that opinion. Nice to know that I'm not the only one.

Annie said...


Just to clarify for any skimmers out's NOT me!
(Not enough cleavage and too much bottom...)

Gerry from Valpo said...

James, I also thought I was the only one until Dan published his opine. From what he wrote I knew immediately who it was.

Dan from Madison said...

Annie - AND you are a vegan...don't forget that black mark against you and all of humanity.

Annie said...

You should THANK me for paying off all your fake carbon debts with my fake carbon credits! I'm fixing the fake climate problem!
Vegans - fixing Gorebal warmingcooling one soy latte at a time!

Dan from Madison said...

Damn I never thought of it that way. Vive les Vegans!

Annie said...

I will accept your fake accolades with fake humbleness and tell you with all genuineness, this blog rocks

Dan from Madison said...

There is always a veggie kabob on our grill for you Annie.

James R. Rummel said...

"Vegans - fixing Gorebal warmingcooling one soy latte at a time!"

GAH! Soy latte! That sounds vomitible!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Dan, the comment section of this post proves your point so well.

"Br1tney posts ALWAYS get more comments than Einstein posts"

Well done!

Dan from Madison said...

Heh, I wasn't going to say anything Gerry, but there it is...

Carl from Chicago said...

How come this thread gets so many more comments than my energy and business posts???!!??

I quit :)

Dan from Madison said...


Annie said...

LMAO! Funneh Carl.

Jonathan said...

This isn't one of your Einstein posts?

Dan from Madison said...

Jonathan - heh