Monday, July 20, 2009

Weird Colorado

Here is a bar in Glenwood Springs Colorado named after Doc Holliday the famous gunfighter. Unfortunately no sound effects along with the shooting.

Here are some other oddball sights... in the upper left - EVERYTHING apparently costs more in Aspen - even their water (poor Boulder, CO). In the upper right - aliens have commandeered the house out in the sticks outside Crested Butte - although I'll bet that alien is disguised as a dirty hippie in there if you look really close. In the middle left - the "Love Shack" is right in down town Crested Butte and it even has a web site right here; might be fun some time (and well located). I don't know exactly what the "pig truck" is trying to accomplish in Leadville, but am mildly amused by the handicapped sticker on this monster(ish) truck. On the lower left - they are very particular about their altitude in Leadville, noting that it is TWO miles high as far as liquor goes (the mile high baseball field in Denver has a line in the upper deck indicating there mere one mile status). And finally, in the lower left, that species known as the coug*r (don't want the traffic) await Kevin Costner's band in Aspen... I didn't even know he played (hasn't had a movie hit in a long time).

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Dan from Madison said...

Looks like some of those cou@ars made their mates go to that lame show. Poor guys. That band isn't worth a piece.

Chris from Colorado said...

Yes, Colorado can be weird, but it is a wonderful place too. I used to live right down the street from Doc Holiday's in Glenwood Springs several years ago. A friend of mine and I used to call it Glenweird Springs.

Seems any celebrity can have a band these days. I bought Billy Bob Thornton's CD a few years ago, because it was supposed to have some musical Zappa influence. No Zappa connection at all, just crumby music.