Thursday, July 02, 2009

TGMPCBC, Part Five - Region Two

Here are parts one, two, three and four.

Carl has been chomping at the bit for another Crappy Beer Challenge post and I have a couple in the can, so here we are with the 4th of July edition. Today in Region Two, we have a battle of the behemoths, as two of the beers with largest market share in the US square off. We have LaBatts Blue vs. Miller Lite, and Coors vs. Bud Light, with the winners facing each other for a spot in the coveted final four.
This is the pour of the LaBatts vs. Miller Lite. Almost all of the beers I have been tasting pour like this, then within about 30 seconds lose their head.
The first battle came to be called the battle of the beers with no flavor.

Beer 1 - smells a bit musty (so many of them do), with a weak, watered down flavor. No aftertaste.

Beer 2 - smells a bit more moldy, with almost zero flavor or aftertaste.

The winner, by virtue of having just a small amount of flavor vs. no flavor is Miller Lite! And a cheer goes up from Carl's condo in Chicago. In my haste to dump these losers out I forgot that the winner of this contest moved on, and was to be tasted again!
No matter, I remembered that I had bought Carl some Miller Lite in the plastic bottle as a reward for completing his quarter marathon here in Madison. I still had some left that I was using up as brat hot tubs. Whew!

On to the second contest, Coors vs. Bud Light.

Beer 1 - A slight tinny smell, had a little fresher flavor, but with a dreadful alcohol like aftertaste.

Beer 2 - had a lot of STANK, but a not horrible taste.

This one was very close, and eventually I had to decide if I was marooned on a desert island and had to pick one, which would it be.

The winner was Bud Light, and we do indeed have our battle of the behemoths for the place in the final 4!
My taste buds were still in shock after this tasting, so I took a few minutes to regroup and then did a tasting of Miller Lite vs. Bud Light. I knew that moldy stank would prove to be Bud Light's undoing, and Miller Lite gets the highly desired photo with me as our second representative in the final four. Lite will face Milwaukee's Best Ice in the semifinal.
Two more regions to go before the semifinals.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Bud Light is by far the worst canned beverage of all time. I don't get it, that crap sells. It's one beer I refuse to drink.

Dan from Madison said...

Can't argue with that too much, but I will tell you that Coors Light has been the worst of the worst in this contest so far.

Snakeye said...

Nice... looking forward to the showdown. On another note, I'm gearing up to split in a few months, I'm gonna sneak your shirt in-country and try to get a shot of it. If I manage to send it to you, you'll have to title it "Life In The Great Mideast" or something!

Dan from Madison said...

Snake, nothing would make me happier than a shot of you wearing that t-shirt at your summer home.

Carl from Chicago said...


Dan from Madison said...

Miller Lite "the best of the worst". So far. Must be the triple hops brewing - heh.