Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Tale of Two Players

2009 stats:

Player 1:
70 games played
33 runs scored
2 home runs
15 rbi
.281 batting average
.354 on base percentage
fielding percentage .986 career
2009 salary: $1 million

Player 2:
77 games played
47 runs scored
14 home runs
32 rbi
.231 batting average
.294 on base percentage
Fielding percentage .970 career
2009 salary: $17 million
So who is the better player?

Lets break it down a bit further into intangibles. I have seen player one hustle every single play he has been involved in. He storms into second to break up double plays. He turns a double play playing second base better than most. Each and every at bat he works the count. On top of all of this he is an old man.
I have seen player two about a half dozen times this year. He routinely misplays balls in the outfield. He stikes out all the time. I once saw him this year literally quit running going from first to second to avoid breaking up the double play. This was unfortunate as the third baseman dropped the ball, but still threw to second for the force out. This is a pattern I have seen with this player over the years.

So now for the reveal:

Player 2: Alfonso Soriano
Player 1: Craig Counsell

I swear to god I would rather have hard nosed, gritty player like Counsell that hustles every play than a showboat like Soriano who strikes out all the time and doesn't try his hardest - offense be damned. And look at that salary difference! Nice value, Cubs.

I am going to the Brewer game today, hope Craig is in the lineup. He is my favorite player in the big leagues right now.

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