Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rainbow Over Trump

Yesterday there was an amazing sight... a rainbow directly over Trump Tower. I could even see the entire rainbow from my balcony. I made a movie out of it because I couldn't get the rainbow in a single photo from end to end.


Dan from Madison said...

Pretty cool - you should have checked the end of the rainbow for the pot of gold. Oh that's right, they took it to Washington DC already.

Carl from Chicago said...

Dude, now that O*ama is in charge, we are looting it back (from other states, of course).

Look how JP Morgan decided to buy our last entire bond issuance of almost $2B because no one else would. With a Daley as one of their top officers and them receiving big government $. What a coincidence!

For once clout and cronyism is (slightly) benefiting Illinois

Dan from Madison said...

Too bad it will all end up in the same people's hands, in the end you are just adding a step with some extra $$ from the other states.

Carl from Chicago said...

Yes it absolutely ends up 100% in the same place. It just is taking a slightly different detour this time.

Annie said...

Rainbow?! That can't be natural!!
We as a nation have got to ask ourselves, "What the hell is going on!??"
(In case you didn't get that reference, go here for a chuckle).

Jonathan said...

Cool rainbow. It's easy to make a composite panorama from such scenes. There's lots of software for this. Try the Autostitch (free) demo.

Carl from Chicago said...

I like that rainbow post. Pretty hilarious.

Thanks for the camera tips appreciated.