Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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I am not sure how these people got my name. Probably the Bears sold my name to them from their season ticket list.

Anyway, I received this package of sh1t from a company called OddsMaker.com. Before even looking I am going to guess that this company is from a different country. More on that in a minute.

Internet gambling is pretty much illegal here in the States. I think this is because there isn't yet a good mechanism for the feds and states to get tax revenue, but that is a different discussion for a different day. The fact remains that the casino lobby and others have squashed internet gambling for the moment as far as legality goes.

This company was kind enough to even send me their pinup of the month - they didn't even have a made up name for her and they didn't even give her a title - like OddsMaker.com model of the week or something. Just a plain old photo of her on the outside of part of this flyer. On the reverse of the pinup girl is this years NFL schedule.

What made me even open this packet of crap up was this bastardization of the NFL logo on the front of the envelope.

Now if there is one thing that the NFL won't stand for, it is the tweaking of their logo. I think that this snafu will get OddsMaker.com in more hot water than all of the other betting revenue they are hauling in from the NFL productions.

Also on the reverse of the pinup girl, they actually used a photo of an NFL player (it happenned to be a Dallas Cowboy) and the word "NFL". Usually they use generic terms such as "football".

Many advertisers around Madison participate in giveaways associated with "Green Bay", as they don't want to pay the NFL or the Packers royalties to use their names. And they NEVER use the trademarked Packer or NFL logos in these contests. It is always "win a pair of Green Bay tickets" or something like that.

So lets check out OddsMaker.com from their own website:

OddsMaker.com games are fully licenced by the Government of Curacao Netherlands Antilles, are subject to the laws and regulations of the Government of Curacao Netherlands Antilles. The Curacao standard of regulation is largely consistent with that of the United Kingdom, though OddsMaker.com does more than meet the stringent conditions laid down by the Government of Curacao. Furthermore, the company adheres to the code of behavior defined by the Government of Curacao which prescribes rigorous standards with respect to security as well as a responsible attitude towards issues such as protection of minors or gaming addiction.
The Government of Curacao Netherlands Antilles. That is a mouthful. I like the "stringent conditions" part.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Why don't you send that mailing to Roger Goodell. I'm sure he would sick some rabid NFL attorneys on that one.

Roger's not very busy right now with the Michael Vick mess behind him.

BTW, check THIS one out:


Dan from Madison said...

I have a feeling that the NFL will catch up with that trademark infringement pretty quickly.

Please no Vick on the Bears.

Jonathan said...

OddsMaker has been around for a while. I'll bet they're as legit as any of the other UK bookies.