Monday, July 13, 2009

Madtown Throwdown Trials

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The Madtown Throwdown is a series of MMA events that has been held in Madison for quite some time now. They do it about every three months or so.

In addition to this, they have begun some smaller events. This one was called "Trials". There were 9 fights scheduled, and there ended up being 8 total. It never fails, someone always is a no show.

This fight was originally scheduled to be held in Columbus, WI. For reasons unknown to me, it got moved to the CC Riders Motorcycle Club here in Madison. More on that in a minute.

This was my first experience "cornering". For those who don't know, I got to help out one of our fighters in the pre fight prep and walk down with him to the corner of the ring. It was a really cool experience.

Here are a bunch of fighters in what I believe is a storage room at the CC Riders clubhouse. You can see the guys getting their hands taped.
This is usually a family blog, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of this sign in the storage room.
The venue was outside, and it was a glorious evening. I thanked a bunch of the bikers for hosting the event.
They had a bar set up outside serving beer and other refreshments to the crowd.
It was a small crowd, I would guess 500 at the most. A bunch of military were there so that was cool too.
Our guy won in convincing fashion.

I really liked the amount of respect the fighters showed to each other - even though everyone shared the same locker room there weren't any puffed chests or anything like that. Most of them were talking to each other and joshing around after they had just fought. I did see one bit of poor sportsmanship after one fight, but I guess that is to be expected. Always one bad apple.

One thing I have never seen before - I saw a fighter walking around outside having a smoke before his fight. He was not in tip top shape, to say the least.

A really great experience and one I hope I can repeat soon.


knirirr said...

Do you know if there was any YouTube footage of this event? It would be interesting to see.

Dan from Madison said...

I would doubt it. It was a pretty small event. I would imagine that the Madtown Throwdown people will sell the footage if there was any. I don't remember seeing any cameras though.

Having it outside was awesome though, I hope they promote one of the larger events there.

Gerry from Valpo said...

CC Riders? Are they a 1%er biker club or just a group of weekenders made up of financial advisors, attorneys and orthodontists? Looks a rather clean and tame motorcycle club but there's always that question.

I noticed on televised unlimited fighting matches (for lack of a better term) there is usually a Harley Davidson bar & shield sponsorship emblem on the mat. These events seem to be marketed to a tightly targeted audience.

Whatever. It appears that traditional boxing is doomed.

Dan from Madison said...

Gerry - the CC Riders looked like a bona fide motorcycle club, they looked like Hell's Angels or any other gang to me - but I guess I don't really know. They didn't have the look of any dentist I have ever seen, they had on the leathers, tons of tatoos, etc. They were all pretty nice dudes for the most part from the guys I talked to.

MMA is giant and getting bigger - traditional boxing has been in its death throws for quite some time.

HD does sponsor a lot of MMA stuff. I didn't see their emblems anywhere at this event, but it was a very small event in the world of MMA.

Alderman Jon said...

Love the sign Dan. Hysterical!