Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Another Day at the Office

Wowsers was last night a long one at the gym.

I got there at 5.30 and ran our best fighter through five 5 minute rounds of pads. If you have never held pads for that long, it was tiring. He is in training for a BIG fight coming up in several weeks. Our fighter class is typically from 8-9, but he has been coming in early since he just had a kid. I was happy to help him get his work in so he could get out of the gym and home to his new baby. One of the higher ups in the gym pulled me aside and thanked me profusely not only for the work I have done with him, but all of the work I have been doing in general. It was a good feeling.

After that I did our strength training. Then was my normal MT class. We are doing some advanced flying techniques, and BOY do I suck at them. I really will need to work on them a bit before class in the future.

Then while the instructor was doing a demo he got a bit lazy and kicked me in the chest. I was holding the pads correctly, but his kick was low and slid under them (we were demonstrating a jumping thai kick) and crashed into me. It took my wind for a minute or two. The instructor realized what he did immediately and apologized. It reminded me what lunatics the guys who get into the ring and do this stuff for a living really are.

A bit later in class, I was holding the pads for what we call an "excecute kick". This kick is where you take a full step to the right or left and try to bury it into the opponents thigh. You hold for the kick by holding the pads behind you, right around your butt. The kick should come in an up to down arc, as if attacking the thigh. Well, my pal did this execute kick with everything he had right into the small of my back. I had to take another moment. He also apologized profusely.

So after all of this, I ran the fighters class as we are down an instructor. The owner of the gym thanked me profusely again. I was sore but happy. I don't get paid anything but the satisfaction of great workouts and being able to help the gym. And seeing my fighters win.

But MAN will I need the Advil today. Oh well, nobody ever said that MT was a non contact sport.

On the bright side, my sparring went extremely well yesterday.


knirirr said...

It reminded me what lunatics the guys who get into the ring and do this stuff for a living really are.

I get the same effect from reading the 18th century texts, but it would probably be even stronger if I got to see some of your art in action. It's a useful reality check.

Dan from Madison said...

You can find plenty of Muay Thai videos on Youtube all over the place. This is also a VERY good site featuring many fights from England:

The Rumble at the Reebok has some truly outstanding fights.

Watching the fights is one thing, but you can't imagine how much it hurts unless it happens to you. You probably know this from getting hit practicing your art. Part of the deal, and a good reminder of how much the art needs to be respected - but only on occasion, if you know what I mean.

knirirr said...

Thanks - I'll take a look at that site.
I do indeed get knocked about from time to time (I still have sore ribs from last week) but serious sport fighting would be in a different league altogether.

Dan from Madison said...

I agree completely. It is a fine line when I am helping out train the fighters to get them ready for a fight. You want them to get hit, but not injured or beaten up too badly. In the end the people sparring have to know how to spar, which is certainly grist for another post.