Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IF You Can’t Say Anything Good…

…don’t say anything at all.

So here goes.

I do not agree with this man whatsoever. But one thing I like, and IT IS ONLY ONE THING PERIOD.

We both like the Chicago White Sox.

Tonight The One Who Must Be Obeyed threw out the first pitch in the MLB All-Star Game wearing a White Sox warm-up jacket. B.O. is a southpaw. Who knew?

Oh well. Polyticks makes strange bedbugs.


Dan from Madison said...

Jeans and tennis shoes. How presidential.

Chris from Colorado said...

I think I saw him toss an emory board behind the mound after the pitch.

Anonymous said...

I wish he would stay on the mound and off the "hill".

Alderman Jon said...

I second your thought Gerry on O being a White Sox fan, and Anonymous your comment is dead on! Maybe he'll get the idea he can play baseball, and leave the White House, after all he is the "great one".