Saturday, July 11, 2009

How I Got My Glock Back

Don’t ever do this, kids.

Last December I went duck hunting in southwestern Illinois. My Glock 22 was loaded and in the armrest compartment where it is on every trip. I could care less if my Indiana CCW permit is void in states I pass through and Illinois is one.

Anyone who has read any of my writings on guns knows I am not a collector, fancier or expert on guns especially handguns. I don't pretend to be a know-it-all as some gun bloggers do. I shoot for fun and practice. I hunt a lot and have the right to self protection. My guns get used and I don't care if they get scratched or the wood gets nicked. My guns are tools and I only own as many as I need.

On the final day of our stay I showed the Glock to my buddy Nestor. He asked if he could give it a few pops since he lives on a farm with nobody nearby, so I said sure. He has many fine handguns in his vault but never even touched a Glock. He explained that he thought they were ugly, plastic, and just wasn’t interested in them at all. We were called in for breakfast so I set it on a high shelf in his barn.

After a classic country breakfast with our wives we said goodbye and ventured on back to the free world of Indiana with plenty of duck meat in the cooler. Once past Springfield I realized we never shot it and it was probably still on the shelf in his barn. A quick phone call confirmed it was still on his shelf. Sh!tdamn!

I told him to have fun with it and he said he would. I explained to him that a Glock has no mechanical safety, knowing he never shot one before. With a round in the chamber it’s hot. That was news to him.

The next day I inquired on how to ship a firearm. This was new to me since I never purchased a firearm that had to be shipped. Legally, I was told by my local gunshop, it must be shipped overnight FedEx from one FFL to another FFL. It would cost upwards of $150. Fonk that. I do have a backup.

After another phone call he promised to bring it with him on a goose trip south of Joliet in January. We would meet up and he would give me the gun. The trip was cancelled.

Well last week he called to tell me his daughter was traveling to Chicago for the weekend and she could meet me near where I-80 and I-55 meet. Yesterday I drove to an undisclosed location where I got my Glock back. There was no problem with his daughter carrying it. She hunts goose, duck and deer and knows her way with weapons. When she handed me the bag with the gun I asked if it was loaded. She said, “of course not, my FOID card expired and I forgot to renew it”.

I’m sure what we did was illegal in the People’s Republic of Illinois. I believe with oppressive Illinois laws if she was caught with it the police would have taken her in, confiscated my gun and she would have paid one hefty fine. Oh well. at least it’s back in time for Gunstock, the annual LITGM firearm meetup.

One last note. Nestor liked shooting my Glock 22 in .40 cal so much he went out and bought one for himself. He now prefers shooting it to his other favorite handguns, one of which is that widely worshiped, mighty John Moses Browning 1911 in .45 ACP. So there ‘ya go!

That’s almost as unlikely as a PC slave buying a Mac. Welcome to simple, easy-to-use modern technology bud!


Dan from Madison said...

Interesting story.

As far as the Glock goes, they just don't fit me right. I don't have anything bad to say about them though, I have heard of some stress tests on them that are nuts.

That said, I am sure that a Glock fails here or there just like any other firearm. It doesn't pay to be a zealot for any particular brand. Nothing is perfect.

Annie said...

I love the story of the Prodigal Gun!
Oh, wait...

Well you know what I mean. :D

As for Glocks, I haven't found one that felt right in my hands either. I haven't tried a slim frame, though (like the G30)... dunno if that would make a difference.

Annie said...

er...G30SF, that is. Ahem. (muh bad)

Matthew said...

I always have appreciated anyone who reads the "lack of reciprocity" to carry anyway. I'm one of those 1911 "fellers" but heartily endorse that damn black plastic known as the Glock. Which ironically I don't own. But you didn't hear this from me of course.

Alex Galletti said...

I disliked the Glock early on, since I grew up shooting my solid-steel Browning HiPower and CZ-75. The idea of shooting a "plastic" gun didn't suit me well - until my uncle persuaded me to give it a shot. I was very impressed with the Glock and converted to it immediately. It was easy to use, very reliable, light and robust. You don't need to fumble with the safety, you just point and shoot. The gun will do the rest. My Glock .22 - loaded with Federal HydraShok JHP .40 caliber rounds - gives me the peace of mind that it will do the job when I need it.