Monday, July 06, 2009

"Green" parking structure

I was walking down the street and noticed that someone was building a parking structure in River North. This is a great idea since the congestion here is unimaginable for those who don't live in a big city and over the years the ground level lots that used to provide for parking overflow (and the valets for late night dinners) have mostly been chewed up to make room for more large buildings. New condos generally build parking in for their tenants and if they have significant retail space (such as our local Jewel or Bed Bath and Beyond) they will have additional public parking.

One interesting thing I noted was that this parking structure was calling itself "green". This made me chuckle a bit because usually nothing associated with autos is considered "green". Here is a link to a web site that describes how they are calling it green, and I guess there is some substance to it - they are putting wind turbines on the roof to provide power and doing some other elements to reduce power consumption, along with a plug in for electric cars (should they arrive). I also noted that they were sourcing materials locally to reduce the amount of long-haul driving to bring the materials onsite.

I will say that this seems to have more substance than the "green" condos I saw in bucktown.

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Gerry from Valpo said...

"Green" is the slickest marketing term since "Organic" and "Low Fat".