Thursday, July 30, 2009

Global Whoreming?

Inconvenient, but true.

Chicago will go on record tomorrow as the first July without a 90 degree daytime temperature and the coldest July in 64 years. The average temperature this month was 68.9 degrees. We’ve been sleeping with the windows wide open since mid June.

Out here 55 miles southeast of Chicago we have run the air conditioner only five days this year. Five days! We’re sure to be saving hundreds of dollars not to mention wear and tear on the central a/c.

Hell, not only are we saving money we’re saving the planet if our energy consumption from evil coal generating utilities is way, way down.

This follows a winter of record snowfall due to the lake effect here in northern Indiana. The first snow last season fell the first week of November and snow cover lasted until mid March.

I’ve seen the above image on the internets before. It’s most appropriate now. Don’t polar bears know that penguins should be plucked before cooking?

These bears acted stupidly. Then again, I am not known to calibrate my words.

•••UPDATE•••WGN weather forecaster Tom Skilling on his noon weather report today, July 31 said that July 2009 is officially the coldest on record since temperatures have officially been recorded in Chicago. That's over 100 years.


Dan from Madison said...

That photo is classic. My summer A/C numbers are getting crushed with this new gorbal cooling thing.

Chris from Colorado said...

On Wednesday, here in the Denver area, the high was 52 and it rained. October? No July. June was the second rainiest on record here. On the other side of the coin, we broke 90 degrees a few times in May, which is odd.

This weather report has been brought to you by 'Brighto, makes old bodies new!'

Sk8 said...

You mean Climate Change, it can go up OR down. Like jobs created OR saved, impossible to calculate.