Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dark Arts For Good Guys

My daily routine is pretty simple. I go to work, I come home - with some gym time thrown in there a few times a week.

The most dangerous thing I do is drive. I also like to enjoy the occasional cocktail in a social setting. My days of hanging out in bars late at night are mostly done, so the danger in that activity is extremely limited.

Next to driving, biking on narrow roads in the woods of Wisconsin is a relatively dangerous thing to do, compared with sitting on the sofa watching TV. It does get a bit hairy sometimes when you are cresting a hill and a car is coming over at the same time - they typically don't see you so well.

I would say that biking on roads is more dangerous than my Muay Thai experiences. I haven't had a serous crash yet on the bike (knock on wood) but wiping out on the bike on a downhill going 30 or 35 mph will hurt if it happens to me someday.

In all, I exist in a pretty safe place. This isn't a reason to be complacent, but in general I don't have too much to worry about.

But many parts of the world are different, and the things there operate much differently than things do here.

To that end, James turned me onto a blog that gives you some great advice on how and what to do in certain situations. Straight Forward in a Crooked World has had three parts so far on the "Dark Arts for Good Guys". We have already had Bribery parts one and two and we are now onto Flight and Fight. I highly recommend this blog and this series in particular. Much of this information applies to the US as well.

Disclaimer - I don't know the guy who is writing at SFIACW so can't vouch for him. But the advice sure sounds like it is written by someone who knows what he is talking about.

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