Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conflict Avoidance

Tam puts up a pretty darned good post about self defense. In it is nothing that talks about what type of gun or knife or baton to carry. Instead it talks about where you should NOT be. Great advice, I encourage you to go read it. Many people don't realize that self defense starts in your head - staying out of potentially bad situations is your best weapon imho as far as self defense goes.

This is the money:
So, there you go: Stay away from people who habitually break laws. Stay away from places where people who are breaking laws tend to congregate. If you want to move on to being an advanced practitioner, we can start talking about alertness color codes and training and carry permits and such, but the above steps should have you well down the road to a safer life.

I have come to realize that in the life I live the chances of a random act of violence are pretty slim. But I live in a nice area of the country, with low crime rates.

This is no excuse to not be in shape (run like hell is my best defensive technique) or train for self defense (at least I have my MT). But you gotta think about where you are. Having a fondness for the occasional rock show and/or cocktail at a local tavern are my highest probability places for getting in a confrontation, and these days I am much more careful about where I end up.


Annie said...

Yep. Much to be said for "situational awareness".
I preach it all the time. One of my pet peeves is the "text walker" know, the ones that walk with their heads down while texting; completely unaware of their surroundings. My kid was one of them until she had to hand her phone over to me for 48 hours because of it. Yeah, I'm just that serious. (I believe the title I won was "meanest mom in the world" - but hey...whatever works resulting in a non-kidnapped non-dead 16 year old).

Dan from Madison said...

"meanest mom in the world" - I am sure of that.

Annie said...

"Meanest Mom/Dad"... If you don't get called that at some point, then;
Parentin'- ur doin it rong.

Dan from Madison said...

U got that rite

Jonathan said...

There's something to be said for not spending your time with criminals, drunks or drug dealers or in places where such people gather.