Saturday, July 25, 2009

Around Chicago

This is something you don't see in the suburbs every day. Apparently someone smashed the window of this car and stole the city sticker. They must have replaced the window and then they just put that sign up saying that their sticker has been stolen for the police. Funny.

Whenever I see a moving van like this I think to myself "someone is having a worse day than me".


Dan from Madison said...

Up until a few years ago here in Wisconsin, people used to put a cardboard chunk emblazoned with "LAF" (usually in magic marker) in where the license plate would be on a new or recently purchased car. Licence Applied For.

They outlawed this practice - I think some vehicles had these homemade signs up on their vehicles permanently.

James R. Rummel said...

"City sticker"???

Something you need to legally park, maybe?

Carl from Chicago said...

In Chicago you need to buy a city sticker for your car every year. The cost is something like $75. If you park and don't have a sticker, then the city fines you and gives you a ticket.