Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Washington Redskins Imaginary Season Ticket Waiting List

Many, many years ago as an experiment I signed up for a bunch of NFL teams waiting lists to see how long the period was to get a pair of season tickets. Some had immediate availability (Vikings, Dolphins), some were just a few years wait (Bears, Jaguars), and some I will probably never get (Packers, Steelers). The fun part is being on these teams mail lists.

A couple of months ago I received from the Washington Redskins a letter telling me that I was at the top of the list! The time had come to get my season tickets NOW, seeing that there were over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND people behind me on the list! That is bullsh1t if I have ever heard of it - I am only number 60k or so on the Packer waiting list. Not that I am ever going to move from that spot, just sayin'.

So I tossed the notice from the Redskins and just a few weeks later I got an email that I was at the top of the list! Get those season tickets now! Delete.

Since then I have received two more things in the mail telling me to get on the stick and buy those season tickets. After getting these I had to come to only one conclusion - the Redskins have no season ticket waiting list at all.

I have read and heard that the FedEx field experience is one of the worst in all of football - I think that fans may have finally had enough. This post from Steve Czaban (one of my favorite sports reporters) seems to add credibility to the "no season ticket" conspiracy theory.

I would bet with the economy the way it is that a lot of NFL teams will be seeing some not so full stadiums this fall. And that virtually every team except perhaps Green Bay and Pittsburgh will see their waiting lists for season tickets dwindle - if the waiting lists aren't already zero right now.


Anonymous said...

Most likely the offer is for seats not offered to traditional waiting list members. It is the 'platinum' plan where you get a buffet and one of the first 3 rows of tickets, all for around $2-5k per ticket. My name just came up on the waiting list, which I have been on for about 9 years, and I have to start in the cheap seats like most others, but they did offer the platinum deal for the extra $$$$$.

Anonymous said...

The redskins wait list is a big joke always heard about it. I moved here less than a year ago put my name on the list and what do you know my name was at the top of the list. Thought it was a joke so I called. I'm now owner of 4 season tickets near the 40 yard line and not a premium package. The waiting is just another one of snyders way to try a screw loyal redskins fan.

Anonymous said...

Your article started stating you signed up on a bunch of season ticket waitlist "many years ago." Then in your next paragraph said the Redskins started to send you information you made the top of the list. Please put exact years and details instead of just generalizng your lofty timeline. This article is a joke.

Dan from Madison said...

Anon - Hail to the Redskins! They sure are a swell franchise. Loving that FedEx experience?

Thanks for the homework assignment, but honestly I don't remember exactly the years, just as you don't remember exactly what you were doing six or eight years ago.

I still to this day receive emails from the 'Skins begging me to buy something - anything - season tickets, single games, multi game packages, etc.