Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smoked Pork Quesadillas

Hey, if you've ever slow cooked a smoked pork shoulder and are stuck with a ton of leftover meat what do you do? Most will pack it in the fridge, warm it up and put on buns at a later date. I like that. But here’s a great way to enjoy that tender smoky meat outside the bun.

This is easy but prep time takes a while. Make them any way you like, it's a great opportunity for culinary creativity. Here’s how I do it.

I use raw corn tortillas, pulled pork leftovers, red bell pepper, onion and jalapeno all sliced extremely thin. Cheddar cheese and/or pepper jack or chihuahua cheese (sometime called Mexican melting cheese)

Layout a baking sheet with raw corn tortillas. Top with pulled pork, cheese, peppers and onion. Place another tortilla on top. Repeat with ingredients and add one tortilla on top, like a triple decker. I like to spray with oil and dust with chili powder.

Ready for the gas grill, the best way to make these.

I bought one of those flipper/tong devices just to flip these.

It’s good to have a hot grill to start. I like to watch and see when the cheese starts to melt then flip. Close the lid for about three minutes and check to make sure they’re not burning. All in all about eight minutes on the grill is all it takes. I like to top mine with taco sauce. Variations could include sour cream or pico de gallo.

It's a taste like none I've never had in a restaurant since most traditional quesadillas are pan fried and often made with flour tortillas.

They make a great appetizer but in my case can become a meal. They are very filling.

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