Saturday, June 27, 2009

Robert Smigel and Michael Jacks*n

In Chicago the channel TBS has been promoting a comedy festival all around town, with this ubiquitous "green guy", called "Just for Laughs". I usually don't go to these types of events but immediately bought tickets when I saw that it featured Robert Smigel.

Robert Smigel is probably one of the funniest people that you've never really heard too much about. He has done a lot of stuff but is famous for:

- those TV Funhouse and "Fun with Real Audio" cartoons on Saturday Night Live
- on Conan O'Brien, he plays the lips in the "Clutch Cargo" segments where they put up the picture of someone famous and Conan pretends to interview them
- the TV series, TV Funhouse, which is totally over the top, highly recommended, and must be seen to be believed
- and finally, he is "Triumph the Insult Comic Dog", who is famous for his bits making fun of Star Wars Fans and the French in Canada, among others

He was hilarious and they showed a pilot for a series that never aired where Smigel played a character based on Bozo the clown with real kids and parents in the audience. I thought it was awesome but typically twisted.

After the pilot he sat up and took questions from the crowd. He also had a DVD with him and played some of his cartoon bits, notably his TV Funhouse items with Michael Jacks*n.

Smigel didn't mention his personal opinions about Michael Jacks*n but he obviously doesn't approve of his lifestyle. There are two cartoons that I know about that he did regarding Michael Jacks*n that must be seen to be believed.

I can't find them on the web to link to them - but in one he has special glasses that put up a picture of Webster whenever he is with a woman and unless he has them he starts to projectile vomit and in a second one he tries to prove to his insane entourage that he is no longer attracted to children with a decoy robot.

Smigel is one guy that hit the nail right on the head with those cartoons and that is how we ought to remember the disgraced entertainer, not with some memorial show.


Gerry from Valpo said...

You forgot one.

-As Carl Wollarski, original member of Bill Swerski's Superfans.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha also very funny