Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Beers

I am putting up this post to goad Dan into his crappy beer challenge since that is a lot of fun. By contrast I am buying single (or more) good beers from Binny's across the street. Here is one of my favorites, Delirium Tremens from Belgium. It is strong and comes in a cool bottle. I need to get a glass that matches it. I try to drink it slowly out of a small glass to avoid immediate inebriation. The beer has a sweet taste and a decent aftertaste. I am going to buy one of the Delirium Tremens glasses with the pink elephants on them... that way I can get more synchronicity with my drinking.

I bought this Southern Tier brewing Oak Aged Unearthly Imperial Pale Ale from Binnys. It was OK, I wouldn't buy it again, but always up for trying something new.
Goose Island has a new brew that is a Belgian style beer called Matilda. Since I was going in to the store to purchase a Delirium Tremens I figured I'd try one of these instead in the spirit of tasting (and the fact that they had a pretty girl by the front with a cart of them and tasting didn't hurt, either). They sell these in the "big bottle" format or a 4 pack for $10.99 at regular size. I liked them a lot and it is always good to patronize a local brewery like Goose Island here in Chicago, too. I will be buying these a lot (even without the cute pink elephants like the Belgians).
Recently I was out walking in Old Town and stopped in a bar across the street from Second City at a bar called "Concoran's". They had a beer on tap called Affligem from Belgium and it was excellent. They even gave me a matching glass! I highly recommend trying this beer if you come across it, it was excellent draught. Also funny this is run by Vaughan Hospitality, a company in Chicago that runs a bunch of bars with Irish style that are usually a good time. I used to work with one of the Vaughan brothers, he was an accountant, but I think he has moved on to better things.

Come on Dan, more with the challenge!

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Dan from Madison said...

I have a couple of those posts "in the can" you will have to wait until they are totally ready, just like a fine canned 24 oz. domestic.