Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Follow Up

In a recent article I wrote about "The Ugliest Building In River North". River North is an upscale area full of new buildings and transformed lofts but this building stands out for its ugliness. I went and investigated a bit (it wasn't too hard, basically just walked up to it) and it turns out that the location is 676 N LaSalle and they call it the "676 Media Center". I find it very odd that they market this building to creative professionals because it is such an eyesore... I could see if they were a bunch of accountants or something, but not creative professionals. Oh well, apparently they invest in the interior of the building because they could not put less effort into the exterior.

A while back I wrote about how I am a big fan of the "Tiki Lifestyle" (don't know what that is, I just made it up). I bought a tiki bar for a friend of mine (unfortunately it did not survive a recent renovation) and it was great fun for a summer. Well they are back with more tiki paraphernalia, although I think that my bar was of higher quality (heck, you can even see right through this one). Bring on the summer!

Finally, I had a recent post and video (that I thought would get more comments) about a bum riding a shopping cart through River North like we used to when we were kids and mom let us push the cart (wheelie style). This photo is the "denouement" of that movie, with the cart reaching its ignominious end on a bridge over the Chicago River on Dearborn street. I'll bet that cart will be there most of the summer - do you think that we get services for our 10%+ sales tax rate, or something like that?


Dan from Madison said...

The posts that you think will get the most comments inevitably get the least, and vice versa.

Gerry from Valpo said...

The building in question looked familiar when you posted it months ago. When you said it was called a "media center" it came back to me.

It once housed a professional photographic film processing center. They processed 8X10 color transparency film. Don't remember the name (Lab One?) but since digital took over years ago I am sure it is long gone.

It was (I hate this cliche) "back in the day" when River North was a very risky neighborhood.