Friday, June 19, 2009

Bad Idea

Recently I was walking through River North when I saw this converted school bus with the logo URL on the side parked at a gas station, apparently open for business (the door is ajar and someone is inside).

Later that evening I saw the bus still in action. I liked the "Berwyn" billboard up overhead; maybe there is some tattoo / Berwyn synergy to come.

This reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit from the 80's with "Bad Idea" jeans and a bunch of guys sitting around tossing about, well, bad ideas, like "Even though the affair is over, I think I will tell my wife".


pimpmytattoo said...

your bad idea happens to be mine.. This bus makes more money in one night than most make in a week.. if you want one then go to and let us know.. we do private parties and attend most tattoo conventions held in the U.S. and if you think its still a bad Idea you can go to my facebook and ask the 1600 plus people who have been tattooed in the BAD IDEA..

pimpmytattoo said...

Mr spyder said...

On the behalf of people I know first hand being the owners of the pimp my tattoo bus.I believe that proper journalisim would require you to research your subject before releasing any kind of publication. But oubously this is not the case. So point in general the idea is very profitable and executed with proper tattoo practice. But of coarse we all know the the laymens terms of assume . And please excuse me if my spelling is not up to par or in compairason of a real live journalist . But I am what I am a tattoo artist who sticks to what he knows he's friends.

Mr. Spyder Old School Tattoo co.

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