Friday, June 05, 2009

2 on 1

At the gym, the workouts in Muay Thai class have been amping up since we have a test in about a week and a half or so. Last Wednesday was one of the most demanding classes I have ever participated in, and that is saying something.

We did our standard pad drills for longer than usual, then we donned our protective gear and expected several rounds of sparring. Instead we got some interesting self defense teachings. Sparring on crack.

Mass attack is something that I see the JKD guys practice at our gym all the time but I have never seen it done in our MT classes. The idea is to use your footwork to try to spar two (or even three) attackers. This is absolutely exhausting as you never have time to catch your breath. Even in the stellar shape that I am in, at the end of a two minute round I was toast. But I did well. Mercifully we only did 2 on 1.

I have never done this sort of thing, but remembered seeing some of the techniques that the JKD guys used and tried my best to apply those. The first thing I did was clench up the smaller of my two opponents and try to keep him between me and the other guy, all the while trying to lay knees and elbows into the guy I had clenched. Eventually he got away and I was trying to spar two guys at once, which is the recipe for failure. I took the tack of using one of my best techniques, catching kicks. I constantly tried to catch kicks and then put that person on the deck. After they went down, I was able to spar again with the other opponent.

I did much better than I thought I would.

During this sparring, I felt a giant adrenaline dump, the like I am not used to. It was difficult to keep true to my techniques with all of the rage driving through my veins and brain, but I concentrated as well as I could. I did notice that I was hitting harder than usual and being rougher with my opponents in the sparring, but there really wasn't anything I could do about that since I was so jacked up on my body's flight or fight response.

Then I got to be one of the attackers, and that was fun. I usually don't get open targets to tee off on, nor do I get to kick people in the back after circling around them. We were all pretty beat up after that exercise.

It was a really neat experience, and one that I won't soon forget.

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