Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tax Dollars At Work

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I constantly tease Carl about the semi-communist regime he lives under in the City of Chicago since he pays mountains and mountains of taxes and gets in return...pretty much zero. Except riot control, which is worth a lot.

With our new administration just a few months in power it should be very obvious that we are ALL in for a pickpocketing of massive proportions. I can still tease Carl about Cook County.

Since I won't have any money in the future to use for frivolous expenses, I have to always let up a small cheer when I see appropriations for new BIKE PATHS.

For whatever reason, liberals in and around Madison think bikes are the best thing since sliced bread. I can't argue much with that.

At least I get some services up here for the taxes I pay. The roads are decent. Crime is very low. The public schools are good (of course private schools still blow them away, but that is certainly grist for a different post). And we have miles and miles of great bike paths. That we can only use for 6 months out of the year. If you are particularly hearty.

Just down the street from my house is a somewhat dangerous intersection for bikers and pedestrians, the corner of PD and Fish Hatchery Road. It is very busy, especially during the rush.

A few months ago funds were made available to construct a bridge across the road for bikers (like me) and pedestrians. After they secured the land rights and sent out the bids, would you like to guess the cost? Well over $1 million. I am not sure if the feds kicked in some of that porkulus money on this one or not.

In this photo below, to the left of the contruction site and behind the snow fence, you can see an abandoned Tony Roma's rib joint that has been closed up for a good six months now. Worst ribs on the face of the earth bar none.
And below here you can see the construction site on the west side of Fish Hatchery road, with all of the cars making that left from PD onto Fish Hatchery. I have to admit, if you are little or old, that is a pretty harrowing intersection during the rush.
So hip-hip-hooray for more tax money into biking improvements! Something I can use!


Jonathan said...

Where I live they're paving miles of remote paths along canals. Taxpayer funds, so it's free, right? I wonder if they'll do any follow-up maintenance on the paved paths. Most paved bike paths that I see become rippled and potholed after a while, and usually they don't get fixed, so I'd much rather they were left unpaved.

Dan from Madison said...

"free" indeed. I prefer the paved versions being pretty much exclusively a road biker. The ones around here are maintained pretty well, and I would imagine are subject to much more abuse with winter and all.