Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sizzler

I think just about everyone has been on this ride or some version therof. I think it was called "The Scrambler" when I was little.

The person on the outside gets crushed by the people on the inside. I had my two little kids with me, one 55 and one 35 pounds. It hurt as they crushed my insides on every turn of the ride. In the beginning of the video you can hear me correcting a concerned mother who thinks I am on the wrong side.


Mark said...

Either these rides have gotten a lot faster over the last 2 decades, or I've become a real wuss. There's no way you could get me on the Zipper today.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha great video

Susskins said...

Wisdom manufactures the Sizzler. Chance manufactured the Scrambler. Same basic ride, different manufacturers.

There's your moment of Amusement Park Nerdity for the day.

Dan from Madison said...

Holy cow the intertubes know all!