Friday, May 22, 2009

Random dining thoughts

Dan has become a healthy zealot with food. I used to remember him eating a burger and fries but you won't catch him doing that nowadays. Last time we went out to a Chinese restaurant he ordered TOFU (great restaurant, by the way).

While I am nowhere near Dan's status I am trying to watch what I eat. In particular, I try not to eat what I know is bad for me or make me feel like a big bloated sloth. I was recently at Chipolte where I usually get a burrito "bol" which means that you don't get that white flour burrito, you just get the stuff inside the burrito (and I don't usually order the white rice either) which is relatively healthy or at least doesn't make you feel like you are going to explode immediately after eating. But this time... I got what I really wanted, which was a big ol' steak burrito with bad white rice inside and I just ate it up. I think that it weighted about 2 pounds in my hand which means a big pile of bloating. It tasted good on the way down but I was in for trouble, just as I expected, and most of my day was shot as I barely functioned.

But times like that are less and less frequent, even I can learn at some point.

While this has nothing to do with the post above I had to laugh in my tiny jewel when I saw this cereal box... I thought of the scene in "The Ice Storm" when the 70's sw*ngers (DEFINITELY don't want that traffic) pulled their keys out of a big bowl... and then mayhem ensued.


Dan from Madison said...

That restaurant was Thai, and it was pretty good.

As for the crap food, it just doesn't fit in my life anymore. When you workout like I am you need good proteins, carbos and fats, not chemical nastiness. Chipotle is not the worst fast food for you though, I am guilty of eating at burrito joints on occasion when in a jam.

Originally when I read this I thought you were referring to Jewel the singer, who the box thing does sorta look like. I just saw her on A and E with Chris Isaac and she did some solo songs. The songs were beautiful and she was super HOT. Here is a remake pretty well done.

Jonathan said...

I dream of the old Burrito Buggy days. Eating one of those bombs always led to a two-hour coma, but it was almost worth it.

Carl from Chicago said...

That is a good video of Jewel she looks great