Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Fine Day On The Deck

With hickory smoked spare ribs, one of my specialties.

Four hours to porky paradise via my Weber.

Even with many hours of commuting, spreading mulch and general garden chores, last weekend we finally found time to smoke some spare ribs. Lucky me.

Beat me daddy, eight to the bar.

I prefer the “burnt ends”. It’s a Kansas City thing. If you don't know, don’t ask.

Heading to Indianapolis for the the big 500 race this weekend. Look for quirky images to come.

Don't forget to remember and honor our fallen war soldiers.

God Bless those fine men...and may God Bless America!


Dan from Madison said...

Love it. Think I will make ribs this weekend.

Chris from Colorado said...

Looks good.

A few minutes ago, I bought 3 really good looking racks of baby backs for $22.65.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Chris- I will never forget the photo your dad took at the 500. Didn't he win a photo contest with that shot? Do you still have s copy? If so please email it to me.

Ribs look so much better after you smoke them. Just remember which end to light.

johnnyj said...

...Very well done lightly nice, Gerry...That's almost close to what I had for dinner last night in the 'rainbow' state. Sadly, it cost me a few bucks more...

Where are the Idaho taters?

Carl from Chicago said...

Have a great time at the race and take lots of good photos