Saturday, May 02, 2009

Not A Bad Day On The Water

Wish I was there.

What an outstanding spring Saturday it was with temps in the 60’s. It was sacrificed on yard work and home maintenance chores. Used a pressure washer to blast mold and moss from my north facing concrete and stone retaining walls. It’s a yearly dirty job out here in the woods. Four hours later my back ached like hell. More yard work tomorrow too. Just crap.

Last week the bro gave me a print of an old photograph. He restored and digitized it so it will live on in bits and bytes. My dad is on the left and his cousin Rusty is on the right. They both played football at Arizona State in the late 40's. Dad was a halfback.

Not bad for a single day on the water. This catch was in Canada. From left to right they are holding a 20lb. northern pike, a 9lb walleye and a 8+lb smallmouth bass. What a day that must have been. Few will ever see this kind of day fishing.

Rusty was a cop for life, a detective and championship competition marksman. He loved to fish and hunt as most of my family does. His daughter married the guy who owns the cabin on Magician Lake where we still fish in his spirit. We all miss Rusty.

This photo was taken a year or so before I was born. That makes it 56+ years old. I will buy a frame for this print and hang it in my office in a special place.


Carl from Chicago said...

WOW those are big fish

Dan from Madison said...

Great photo, NICE fish.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Sorry bro, the one on the left in pops' hand is a muskie. WOW, all bigun's.

Jonathan said...

Great photo.