Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Living Large As a Representative

Last Friday night I was walking through the Gold Coast near Hugo's Frog Bar when I noticed a large black SUV with congressional license plates so I snapped a photo.

I wasn't sure which of our illustrious Illinois congressmen this was - I assumed it was our local Danny Davis (who doesn't even pretend to represent the prosperous downtown, as I note here) - but in fact I did some digging on the internet and according to this post it is Jesse Jackson Jr. who is leasing a Lincoln Navigator at taxpayer's expense at over $1100 / month (a new one retails for over $50,000).

I wonder what Jesse Jackson Jr. was doing up here? Based on a link to his 2nd congressional district map he is FAR from his hometown - he should be hanging out in Harvey or in nearby Calumet City (home of the Blues Brothers) if he really wants to go out for a good time. Why would he want to venture so far from his constituents? According to a simple google map he is about 25 miles out of his district on a Friday night.

Isn't it amazing - the hypocrisy - of a "stone" democrat like Jesse Jackson Jr. driving a giant, gas-guzzling, environmentally destroying SUV like a Lincoln Navigator? Shouldn't he paint it white so it at least reflects sunlight like a "green" roof, at the very least? Why isn't he driving a Prius or something like that, or perhaps is it because he believes that conserving energy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint is for those that he taxes, not himself?

I won't even pick on Mr. Jackson Jr. for his "alleged" attempt to raise money for Blago for a senate seat... we know that he is above suspicion, of course, since he is obviously a man who sticks to his principles.

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Dan from Madison said...

Good catch. Hypocrisy is rampant among the congresscritters. Just look at algore's house.

Dan from Madison said...

I just re-read your classic breakdown of the Danny Davis newsletter, that is an all timer.

Mayor Quimby said...

Are you joking me?! Seriously, do you not see the enormous “1″ on that back of that truck!?!? How bout you do one more simple google search next time and learn that Bobby Rush represents the FIRST DISTRICT and Jesse Jackson Jr represents the SECOND DISTRICT. Any car Jr. has would have a big…wait for it… NUMBER 2 on it!!!!
What a joke.

And another thing, “I wonder what he was doing up here?” This is your “great catch?!?!?!” Newsflash guys: Congressman, of any district, are likely going to come into Chicago once in a while. Why? Because it’s a great city with tons to offer!! This is just hilarious.
Nice snag. I mean, you’ve got an exlcusive here. Not one single other outlet reported on this groundbreaker. Regular Woodward and Bernstein over here.

Dan from Madison said...

haha interesting comment thread at Chicago Boyz - MQ's IP address resolves to the US House of Representatives...not that there is anything wrong with that...

Dan from Madison said...

I will note that no matter the person in the SUV, it is a Democrat Congressman from Chicago - isn't the Republican party supposed to be the one that hates the earth so much?