Monday, May 04, 2009

Lake Monona 20K

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Saturday morning started out at about 55 degrees, and by the time 11am rolled around it was a stellar 65. You couldn't blueprint a better day for a long run.

The Lake Monona 20K is a wonderful little run, staffed by a bunch of great voluteers (thanks to them!). There were only about 750 people in this years run. Not a ton, but 25% more than last year from what the announcer said.

It is basically one clockwise lap around Lake Monona, which is the southern lake that Madison sits in and around. The scenery was great and so was the comraderie. As I was running I had nice talks with several people. It sure makes the miles go by easier when you have someone to chat with.

Around mile 8 or so (20K = 12.5 miles) I was really aching, but pushed through everything and ended up with a time of 1hr. 42min. which is an average of 8min 17second miles through the course. I literally couldn't be any happier with my time. My legs are completely trashed though, and will need several days to recover.

Some nice people had set up a PBR stand on the course (I am not kidding). I almost threw up a little when I saw that. Believe it or not some runners were partaking of the poison.

Here is my hat after the race - you can see how far down and up the sweat has creeped from the brimline. I was pretty damned pooped.
But they had lots of chow for everyone at the end to partake in. I pounded a banana and orange.
Oh yeah, beer too. For a second or two, I had to admit that I am now a true Wisconsinite. Not a cheesehead (I think you need to be native for that distinction). Post race after I caught my breath and senses a bit I wondered aloud "where is the beer?". It seems almost automatic that any sizable gathering/race/ride have beer at the end. In a past life my question may have been "is there beer?". But now, it isn't "do we have beer", it is "where is the beer?".
God bless 'em, Capital had set up a small bar serving Amber or Wheat to any runner. MAN did that go down good. Capital Amber is one of the beers I always have in stock at the house. And also, bless them too, Quaker Steak and Lube had free wings for everyone. Personally, I think their wings blow BW3's away.
Post race nutrition, Wisco style.
As I soaked in some rays, made some vitamin D and stretched out my totally shot legs, I made a new friend or two who were more than willing to take a photo of me post race. Life was good for a while.


Snakeye said...

Nice job dude! When my ankle heals and I'm done with this assignment, I'll have to start running races too.

And I agree with you BTW: Quaker Steak is better than BW3s. I just advertise B-dubs because Quaker Steak is SO regional and not too many people have heard of it. Plus, if you're going to watch sports, you hands-down cannot beat the atmosphere at BW3s (not even at Quaker Steak - though the Quaker Steak in Dayton OH had a kick-ass biker night every Wed!)

Dan from Madison said...

They do the biker night thing up here too at Quaker Steak. And I have to agree, BW3 is a much better sports atmosphere.

When you are up and "running" we should meet for a race sometime.

Jonathan said...

Congrats. Also, cool shirt. I still haven't worn the one that you sent me. I should start.

P.S. Blogger verification word: "pancism". I think you should complain to Google about that one.