Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Greatest Spectacle In Racing – 2 of 3

The snake pit lives on, kind of.

I love this race. As a youngster it was hard to get tickets. Well, if one wanted to get in there was always “the snake pit”.

Here’s a photo from the old Indy snake pit grabbed off the internets.

The snake pit was a designated area on the south infield between turn one and turn two where general admission was charged. Today the general is $25. and that area is now heavily patrolled by security. The reason is because the snake pit was once an area of total debauchery. Bikers, prostitution, public nudity, alcohol and drugs could be found in abundance, or so claimed friends who had been there. A friend told me one could always find a few R.V.’s parked on the infield where sexual intercourse could be seen openly through the front windows. This happened because back then, nobody cared.

All that changed in recent times when the George family, who owns the IMS, decided to clean it up and promote a better family image. Since they were building more seating they wanted to fill the track and with that snake pit reputation they felt the need for a total clean up. But that doesn’t mean people behave. Unlike the NFL or MLB most motorsports venue ticket holders are allowed to bring alcohol into the track but no bottles. Every group that goes through the gate drags those soft sided “wheelie” coolers loaded with alcoholic beverages. We did too. And nobody was checking them.

Once we are in the grandstand it’s about an hour before the green flag so I headed out to the infield to soak up the culture. The first thing I notice are some twentysomethings with an eight-hose beer bong, they called it an octobong. I asked if I could take a photo of it and they did me one better, they demonstrated how it worked. Here is a better application for Dan’s MPCB’s than pouring it down the drain.

Here is a young…ahem…lady that was traveling with the beer bong guys. I told her what a handsome tattoo she was exposing and asked if she would allow me to take a photo. “Sure!”, was her perky response. Not long after I got on my knees to get this close up shot she exposed even more. WOW! I have to draw the line somewhere so we’ll settle for this much safer image. The spirit of the snake pit lives on!

Here’s an older guy with too many tattoos on a chopper style bicycle. My guess is that his license was revoked due to too many DUI’s and he needed some way to get to and from the bar.

It baffles me that individuals will wear obscene t-shirts in public. What amazes me is the messages on them. Guess I don't have the guts (or stupidity) to wear (let alone own) something like this.

Here’s a few young gals that wore obscene stickers. They looked like real next-door types but allowed me to take the photo, unashamed. I asked where they got the stickers and one said, “um, like, some dude is walking around passing them out.”

The Greatest Spectacle In Racing is just that. As I said, it’s a target rich environment for the Jesus guys. Good luck, fellas.


Snakeye said...

haha... "stay classy, San Diego!"

Dan from Madison said...

That tattoo is unbelievable.

Carl from Chicago said...

She had no problem showing you the tattoo, either. Her dad must be proud.

Barry said...

The year, 2024, "Gramma, show us your tatoo!"

Alderman Jon said...

I go to Eldora Speedway (Tony Stewart owns it) every year for The World 100 and I've seen some ridiculous stuff in the campgrounds that rivals your pictures. Okay, the Tattoo wins it!

I do love the beer bong with udders.