Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fishing in the UP, eh?

Here is a post from our blog friend "Elton" who is most famous for his 9mm vs. .45 caliber post here... put a comment if you want him to join and post more!

The upper peninsula of Michigan (known in the local vernacular as the U.P.) is still a wild frontier – even by Midwest standards. I recently went on a fishing trip for the opening of walleye season on Lake Manistique with my buddy “the Captain” and his brigade-mate from both tours in Iraq “Captain II”. Amid sordid tales of hoary combat in the war zone, we put the groups’ killer instincts to more mainstream use slaying a couple of nice sized Northern Pike, some brain cells on Captain II’s boda bag of local cherry wine, along with a stack of empty Bud cans with The Captain’s new 50-cal muzzle loader (and yes, that’s snow you see at 28-degrees on May 15). Along the way, we spotted several bald eagles (which are making a huge comeback from their endangered species status) and what group consensus determined was a lone wolf (which sounds way cooler than a giant coyote – you be the judge). The Captain’s mini bulldog Napoleon had a great time as well eating the ubiquitous expedition squeeze cheese, licking up spilled beer, and even peeing on Captain II’s boot after several bladder-cramping hours on the boat – which seems sensible from a dog’s perspective given the lack of alternative vertical surfaces in our maritime setting.


Dan from Madison said...

Cool stuff, nice catch. That photo of the dog and cheeze whiz is outstanding, although the aspca might give us some hate mail over it.

Dan from Madison said...

By the way, that is definitely a wolf.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Them pike he's cleaning make me want to go fishing. Today.