Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Finally Outside

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Last weekend was the breakthrough everyone was looking for. Time for all of us northerners to make some desperately needed Vitamin D. The playgrounds were packed and my kids were pleased as punch to be there.
This dog named Heidi was also happy to be out and about. All she wanted to do was chase a tennis ball and did get to do it quite a bit.
Earlier in the day I had some fun flying a kite with one of my kids at some property I own. When we got to this park we noticed that many people were having fun with kites. The one on the far left had tails that had to have been 150 feet long.
At this park is an experimental windmill that is supposedly running some houses. It is set up and monitored by my favorite utility, M G and E. I have the windmill partially offset to get the car in there so you can see some scale (in other words I didn't mess up the photo "Carl style").
They call it an "urban turbine". It powers 2 to 3 homes. I can see a use for one of these at the farm property I just bought. But I would have to take a look at the initial investment vs. returns, of course. I have heard that in other parts of the state that if you have a windmill and produce extra amounts of power that you can sell it to the grid. An interesting idea, and one I may look into in the future.

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Mark said...

Out in the country a more traditional wind generator will be more cost-effective. http://www.skystreamenergy.com/ I believe MGE pays a nice premium for any power you feed back into the system. It looks like WPS is paying $0.25/kWh for their energy buyback credit. That's about double what you're probably paying for electricity now.