Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bears Season Ticket Holders Are Screwed

Interesting timing. I received this email today for both pair of my Bear season tickets. Oddly, I received this email even though my seats are non PSL's.

May 21, 2009*** Do not reply to this e-mail message as this is an unmonitored mailbox ***Account #: xxx

Dear Mr. xxx:

A letter was recently sent by the City of Chicago's Department of Revenue alleging that amusement tax is due on Permanent Seat License (PSL) transfers. It is our understanding the letter was sent to approximately 2,900 Bears PSL owners/ Season Ticket Holders who had a PSL transferred into their name between 2004 and 2008. If you are an original PSL owner, or a non-PSL Season Ticket Holder, you should NOT receive the City's letter. During a routine city tax audit of the Bears, the City requested names on PSL transfers dating back to 2004 (which we were legally advised to provide) and informed us of their intent to assess amusement tax on these transfers. The letter was sent without our knowledge or input. We have requested a meeting with the Chicago Department of Revenue in order to provide you with information and guidance. Your frustrations and concerns are understandable. We will communicate with you prior to the City's response deadline. We appreciate your patience.

Theodore P. Phillips
President & CEO

Oh Ted, this one is a laugher. What are you going to do in your meeting??? I simply cannot believe that the Shitty of Chicago will get away with assessing BACK TAXES on these PSL's in the guise of the amusement tax. But from the tone of the letter, it looks to me like the Bears are taking a very neutral stance on the whole thing. So screw you PSL holders, pay more or tell the Bears and the Shitty of Chicago to take a flying leap.

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Gerry from Valpo said...

"Oh Ted, this one is a laugher. What are you going to do in your meeting???"

He will be looking for some quality receivers who have the ability to catch a ball then run with it. IF they couldn't catch a feeble Orton pass how will they hold onto one of Cutler's smoking bullets?

We'll seee.

Dan from Madison said...

Man the Bears really need receivers, but they seem dedicated to your boy Devin and Earl Bennett. Oh well.

This is going to be delicious to see if the PSL holders roll over and pay the back taxes or tell the Bears/Chicago to shove the whole shebang.

And there HAS to be at least one a**hole lawyer who owns a PSL that would gladly sue the City of Chicago and/or the Bears just for the publicity.

Dan from Madison said...

Well that didn't take long, the PSL holders are losing their minds, and talk of a class action lawsuit has already started:

Dan from Madison said...

Holy Cow, not just at the Bears message boards, but the comments to the articles at the Tribune, people are LIVID over this.

Some great points are raised by people who know a LOT about the subject. Looks like Dick Daily could be double dipping - if the psl's are considered part of the "lakefront improvement project", those are technically BONDS that are already taxed. And are they going to go after resold tickets/psl's from StubHub and other assorted venues? There are other things that have come up too - what a mess.