Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Around Madison

I was recently in Madison, Dan's town, and took a few photos. While I am always getting lost attempting to drive around the city because of the lakes and the fact that the Capitol building makes all the roads crazy downtown, the Capitol is a great looking building with a lot of style. The wikipedia page on the Capitol is very interesting - it burned down in 1904 (and was rebuilt in its current state), a few weeks after they canceled their insurance policy.

On State Street, there are no cars, only buses, police cars, and this guy. He was standing on his bicycle and riding down the street; he fell not too far from us but was not hurt too badly. Definitely entertaining.

This view shows the capitol in the background with the Overture Center for the Arts in the foreground (the cool looking glass building). Dan wrote about financial issues at the facility way back when this blog was in its infancy - here is a link to the facility today.

No place is immune from the recession, I guess. Check out this photo above - a Ben & Jerry's ice cream store went bankrupt and is for lease in Madison, a place where its hippie-vibe should be striking paydirt. I guess they need to save up money for didgeridoo lessons (some guy was playing one of those right up the street) or something like that.


Mark said...

Next time try to find the observation deck in the Capitol. It has an interesting little historical display not to mention probably the best view of the city.

Dan from Madison said...

The Overture Center is still a financial disaster and there really doesn't seem to be a plan to do anything about it.