Sunday, April 12, 2009

Worth Waiting For

Last winter while I was sitting all comfy and cozy in an otherwise frozen southwestern Illinois duck blind on the Mississippi River flyway during early December on a crisp, sunny Friday afternoon my cell phone went off. It was the bro calling to tell me he had just purchased his first handgun.

After months of research the bro decided on owning the Kimber Ultra Carry ll in .45ACP. He called me in an almost youthful exuberance. As we spoke a flock of ducks swung in and we briefly lost contact but after a flurry of shots we connected again. It was a flight day like none I had ever seen.

He had accumulated enough points from using his Cabela’s Visa card to earn a deep discount on any purchase. On that day he used his discount to buy his first handgun. Congratulations were in order.

After months of research he decided on the Kimber and I can’t blame him. This is one fine piece even at the very steep retail price. The Cabela’s outlet in Hammond Indiana had one in stock but he wanted the model with rosewood grips and built-in laser. We are hunters first, not gun aficionados or collectors so buying a new handgun is a big deal for either of us. Since he planned on owning only one handgun for concealed protection he may as well own a gun that he is most comfortable with so he placed his order with no money down. That was in early December.

In early February Cabela’s called to say his gun had finally arrived. When he got there it was not the model he ordered. He declined the offering and they apologized for the mix up. They promised to deliver.

Two weeks ago the Kimber model he ordered had finally arrived four months after he ordered it. To compensate him for the delay they tossed in some target rounds along with a box of .45 CorBons. Gee, thanks. They could have at least tossed in an extra clip and a holster to compensate for the screw up. Oh well.

Today at our family Easter get-together I had my first look at it. Very impressive. It fit into the front pocket of my jeans but the handle was still somewhat exposed. It’s not a true pocket gun and will require a special holster for concealment and even then a loose shirt may be necessary. The built in laser sight is nothing less than unbelievable. For a .45 compact it fit my large paw very well (my son is holding the gun in the above photo). That being said, I would be proud to carry this piece any time, any day, day in and day out.

Next week we’ll take it to the local range and give it a workout. Results will follow.

In other news we enjoyed a real country-style family meatfest today. First here was the traditional oven-roasted whole bone-in ham.

The ham was followed by two whole boneless legs of lamb that were spit roasted on an outdoor Thermador mega-grill.

The cocktails were awesome.

All is well.


Dan from Madison said...

I previously owned a HK .45 USP compact, it is small like the Kimber above. I literally couldn't hit a damned thing with it. Too much recoil and muzzle flip for me - it really barked. I hope you guys do well with that Kimber, it looks sharp. Looking forward to the range report.

We also had ham yesterday, outstanding it was.

Carl from Chicago said...

How does that built in laser sight work? My dad has one atop the gun and so does Elton. They are incredible.

Ham looks good, too.

Annie said...

I know you know this, but I still have to mention it because it surely does my heart good! THANK YOU for posting a photo exhibiting smart & safe trigger control!! I get so peeved at the images people post with booger hooks planted firmly on the bang switch.

Gerry from Valpo said...

That hand belongs to my son, I taught him well.