Monday, April 27, 2009

Ugliest Building In River North

As I walk through my neighborhood in the River North area of Chicago I often take photos of interesting building and various other things. But on the corner of Huron and Wells, at approximately 160 W Huron, is a building so fiendishly ugly that it wouldn't be out of place in Communist era Russia.

I can't figure out what the crap on the side of the building is - it appears to be bare concrete with windows that are barred - but it sure looks terrible. It seems beyond imagination that anyone with the city would have approved this building if they knew what it would look like, in a posh upscale district, to boot.

If anyone knows any history on this building, put up a comment. I used google maps to walk around the building and if you type in 160 W Huron and use the "street view" technology you can get a closer look at this building, if you dare. It looks worse from the Wells side than from the Huron side, by the way.

The sad part is that the real estate boom passed this place by. Now it will be another decade before anyone who doesn't have "cash in hand" financing builds ANYTHING in Chicago, so we will have to look at that damn ugly building that much longer. Unfortunately it appears to be sturdily made of concrete so we can't just wait for it to collapse and be condemned.

After I "scheduled" this post a few days out (I sometimes do this when I have a bit of time on my hands during weekends) I walked by the building again from a different angle and it is EVEN UGLIER! Look at the mismatched paint and other junk.


Dan from Madison said...

That building would also fit in downtown Gary, Indiana. I think the upper levels may have apartments, as there are some sort of window coverings.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Gary? That building is way too nice to be in Gary.

Dan from Madison said...

I can partially help us get an ID on this monstrosity.

If you google street it, on the side of the building you can see an awning that says "something" N. LaSalle St. I assume this is the 600 block. Walk over there to that side and get the address and I bet we could get some sort of history on the building. I tried to enter a couple of addresses that I thought were close, but my google-fu was weak in this instance.

Carl from Chicago said...

I will just have to walk over to that damn building and try to walk around.

Maybe I could make a web site dedicated to it

"ugliest damn building in river north"

Jonathan said...

Great find. Did it have a club or restaurant on the first floor?