Monday, April 27, 2009

The Spring Crappie Run

If you like to catch fish this is the best time of year.

After three weeks of trying the spring bite was finally on. As soon as the walleye and northern pike season opened last Saturday in Michigan the crappie went on a hot bite. When this happens you can’t keep them off the hook.

If you’re not familiar with the crappie it’s a delectable panfish if taken from cold northern waters. In the spring they can be easy to catch when you are able to locate them.

When you do these tasty little buggers are so easy to catch it’s the best time to take a kid out and show them how much fun fishing can be. It also allows you to bring home another limit, which is 50 per person in Michigan.

These guys weren’t kids but they were novices when it came to fishing. If you look to the right, onshore, you will see what a rabid Michigan State fan did to his front lawn. About half the cabins on the lake sport MSU flags or Spartan symbols. The other half? Notre Dame, since we were about 30 miles north of South Bend. Click on the photo to enlarge.

There were eight guys in the cabin this weekend. Saturday was the walleye and northern pike opener so everyone was excited to get out on what was predicted to be an 80 degree weekend. Starting this year Michigan also allows fishing for bass on a catch and release basis beginning the same day. In the past targeting bass was prohibited until Memorial Day weekend.

I was able to catch one bass that went 14.5”, not big but a keeper. None of the others were able to catch one bass on Saturday. My main interest is catching the best eating fish that will bite. The two young guys in the cabin caught five crappie on Saturday so I had my plan all set for Sunday.

By noon Sunday there were 30 very large crappie in the box. I was surprised at their size, most were over 10” which is very good. I remember only throwing two undersize fish back.

Then came the work – cleaning that mess of fish.

As soon as the weather clears I will head back for more, a hot bite like this won’t last more than a week or so.


Dan from Madison said...

Kickazz, I see a few perch in the mix too.

Snakeye said...

I'm jealous.

johnnyj said...

Those are some good-sized crappie!

-A 50 crappie limit? I don't remember what the limit in WA is but I think it's a 5 gallon bucket...

Looks like fun, sharpen that filet knife!

Carl from Chicago said...

wow that looks great