Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nested Logic

I walked by this display and did a bit of a double take.

It is an advertisement ABOUT an advertisement. The ad is telling you to advertise your product on Bravo, supposedly because it has a better demographic.

Who are they aiming this at, putting it on a bus stop? Are they hoping some brand executive drives by and says, hey, I need to start advertising on Bravo?



Gerry from Valpo said...

This is not weird at all.

If this bus stop is located near or directly in front of an advertising or media buying agency it is a micro-targeted buy. They probably have good data that media buying professionals pass by that CTA stop a few times daily.

Yes, targeted media is that precise these days.

Being in the bidness I have seen similar tactics for years.

Carl from Chicago said...

OK, I will check out where they are. I think I have seen a bunch of them in River North. Maybe we are the hotbed of advertising execs