Monday, April 20, 2009

Madison Ride, Part 2

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The Midwest Horse Fair was in town, and the crowd there was stunning. I have been to this Fair before, but never have I seen the turnout that I saw on Saturday. There literally was hardly a place to park, and people were doing the park and walk thing from pretty decent distances. I rode my bike in, and it was a bit more hazardous than your normal biking for obvious reasons.

The horses didn't like my bike too much. This was a pretty cool looking one that made a lot of racket. I was the only guy there in spandex, by the way. Surprise, I know.
There were breeds of all shapes, sizes and purposes. It was mayhem with all the people and animals.
But I couldn't find my family (they were supposed to be around this barn) and my wife forgot to turn on her cell phone so I left. You can see my steed on the left.
Later in the ride, I came upon these guys playing Lacrosse. Look at the partially clothed guy in the middle. He either lost a bet or was playing a joke, as his teammates were chanting something as he ran around the field in that less than regulation outfit.
As is my luck, the skies darkened and I proceeded to get soaked. I headed home in the now cold, damp weather and only clocked in about 29 miles. No matter, it was still nice to get out for a bit.


Jonathan said...

Did you recycle those bike droppings?

Dan from Madison said...

This is Madison, that should go without saying.