Monday, April 20, 2009

Madison Ride, Part 1

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The mercury broke 70 for the first time this year on Saturday, so time to break out the bike. I had it at Cronometro for a tune up, so I headed down there to pick it up. I went home, suited up, and off I went.

I was only looking for 40 miles or so, to make sure the equipment was set up correctly and working fine. I also hadn't been out on the road yet, so just wanted a leisurely ride to get some miles into my legs. I brought my camera to take a few photos. You never know what you are going to see.

Early on, I saw this large vehicle. It seemed to be a husband and wife and kid, all in one long deal. They kicked a$$ on the flats, but any little hill was certainly a challenge for them.
This guy brought a weapon along, just in case. You never know what sort of animals you will find on the paths.
There were a lot of areas that had just had controlled burns. Ah, the sweet smell of ashes and smoldering grass in the afternoon, that hits just the right spot in the ol' lungs.
At one of my stops, there is a campsite and it was absolutely packed. As a matter of fact, everywhere I went there were tons of people outside, which is good. The bad part is that my paths were clogged more than usual, and traffic was pretty intense in the city. On top of the nice weather, the UW had their spring football game, which made my trip through campus pretty slow.
The only animals of note were these geese, just outside of the Alliant Energy Center (formerly the Dane County Coliseum) that you can see in the background. Note the one goose in flight. They weren't scared of me, they were running from a woman with two dogs on leashes.
I was at the Alliant Energy Center to see my wife and kids, who happened to be at the Midwest Horse Fair. More on that in the next post.


Jonathan said...

Where are the rusty abandoned farm machines, or is that another route?

Dan from Madison said...

Ah you have a good memory. Those are on my annual "Tour de Wisconsin Agriculture" and I will certainly be taking that ride very soon again this year.