Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gunstock 2

Gunstock 1 was such a success last fall we have discussed all options in which to improve the upcoming annual LITGM autumnal firearm event. A committee was formed and recommendations were discussed during our many meetings.

We discussed options from hiring a clown, getting an inflatable moonwalk, a portable above-ground trout pond for the kids to fish in, a special appearance by Mr. Pierogi and even a Tilt- A Whirl for the older folks. The hard part was finding a way to fund any activity during this economic downturn.

After serious discussion and lobbying with my local congressmen, a White Sox fan that knows BHO (who owes him one for indiana going blue), we settled on what we think will be a boffo photo-op paid for by the federal government.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

This year at Gunstock ll, here at the family farm in northern Indiana, we have arranged to have Air Force One, along with two F16 United States Air Force Fighter jets perform a low altitude fly-by simultaneously as a recording of Wayne Messmer singing the Star Spangled Banner reaches the crescendo and the first large caliber gun shot is fired.

Mark your calendars for late September and buy some ammo before it all disappears.

God Bless America!

More info as it becomes available.


Dan from Madison said...

That is one a$$ kicking photoshop. You might have a future with the feds - couldn't they have done the same thing and saved the taxpayers $350k?

Snakeye said...

That's hilarious...

Carl from Chicago said...

Gerry is the photoshop KING.

Only days totally out for all of us are Sunday 9/20 Bears opener where we will all be there eating Gerry's awesome meal (are you still brewing beer?) and then on Sat 9/26 Elton is getting married (out for me, for sure). But I will make anything else work.

Jonathan said...