Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gun Show Letdown

I went to the local gun show a few days ago and almost bought an older Smith and Wesson wheelgun and a Ruger Standard. Both were at good prices and were good examples. Well, examples that were good enough anyway for me - I don't need perfect guns, but want good shooters. A scratch here and there, while lowering the value of the firearm, just makes them cheaper for me. More than likely I will put more scratches on each gun I buy as I use them.

The Smith and the Ruger that I was looking at were from different dealers, and both of them were from the Milwaukee area, a solid hour drive from here.

You may or may not see my problem already.

For those who don't see the problem, in Wisconsin to buy any handgun we have a stupid two day "cooling off period". In other words, you pay for your handgun, fill out all paperwork, and in 48 hours you may come back and actually pick up the goods. Long guns can be taken home immediately after you pass your check.

So here I was, wanting two different guns, that were sold by two different dealers in Milwaukee. Neither had actual gun shops, rather worked out of their homes.

Thinking about it, I resolved to do this deal, and have one gun transferred to the other dealer in Milwaukee, who would then transfer both guns to me. This would make it so I only needed to go to one dealers place to pick up both guns.

So after getting these two guys together and getting all sorts of logistics in place (I was going to need call one guy to make sure he would be HOME when I went to pick up my merchandise) they both told me that they had no way to accept credit cards. Suck! Is it common for people to carry around $800 in ca$h? The last time I was at this gun show I bought a rifle and they accepted credit cards - I guess I assumed everyone took plastic at these shows.

On top of this, one of the gun dealers was condescending and borderline insulting. I guess I didn't look like one of his typical customers. That stuff p1sses me off, but as I do so often, I pushed by it and got the deal done until we ran into the mess with the not taking of the credit cards.

Once I ran into this lack of ca$h roadblock I was faced with a choice. I could go to the bank the next day and get the dough (my ATM has a low limit per daily transaction) and then go back to the gun show, do the paperwork, and head to Milwaukee a few days later to pick up the goods.

Or I could just scuttle the whole shebang and move on to other things. From the title of this post you can imagine which way I went.

I just said in my head "f*ck this" - I will find more of these examples as my life goes by, without so much pain and agony. I politely told the gentlemen that I would be back the next day, but I didn't do it. It just isn't meant to be. And the one guy was a first class a$$hole anyway. I don't need lectures, either you want to sell me the gun for price "X" or not.

The good news is that there were a lot of nice Smith wheelies and Ruger Mark 1, 2, and Standards available for sale and that is great - there were hardly any last time. And these were at decent prices to boot. Maybe next time I will have better luck with the logistics and dealers.


Snakeye said...

F em. Especially if a dude talks down to you? That'd probably be a deal-breaker for me. Hey man, it's their loss anyway.

Dan from Madison said...

I am the type of guy that usually doesn't let words get in the way of things I want or need. In other words I ususally keep my eyes on the prize - but this guy was borderline ridiculous. Yes, in hindsight good thing not to give the one guy my money. There are only ten million (probably pretty close to literally) other Rugers out there for me to get.

Bryan said...

[quote]Is it common for people to carry around $800 in ca$h? [/quote]

At gun shows, it sure is. I think expecting someone who works out of their home as a hobby to be set up for credit cards is a bit naive. If you want to use credit cards and get instant service, this is what brick-and-mortar gun shops are for. I have been attending gun shows for 25 years, both in my native Indiana and in other states, including KY, FL, VT, and WA. What you described sounds more like a case of "newbie-itis" on your part than an unreasonable scenario on their end. Also, going without cash to WI, who's laws regarding handguns are well known nationally and pretty unreasonable, and then complaining about not being able to buy, is kinda foolish.

Dan from Madison said...

I didn't "go" to WI, I live here. As for not going to the gun show with a huge wad of cash, you may note that in my original post that last time I was at this very gun show I bought a rifle with credit card. I guess I made a poor assumption that everyone there would accept CC's. No need to call me foolish, just live and learn time for me.

Anonymous said...

This is all news for me. I am just now thinking of getting something since concealed carry was passed. I would think the two day waiting period should be waived now but I am guessing it is not. Thanks for the information.