Saturday, April 04, 2009

Final Fourskin

It was a challenge for me to gain interest in the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Seems that Big11Ten usually gets at least five teams invited and then they all blow it. Purdue had my interest this year because a kid from Valpo was a major player.

This year was different to me. I have been entertained. It was a fun tournament to watch, when CBS allowed me to watch the games I was interested in.

Tonight I made pizza, Steve H. pizza to be specific. Pizza is the best basketball watching food. I was interested to see if Michigan State would outlast the goons from UConn.

They did.

On to the biggest dance for the Spartans. Pizza was good. The game kicked a$$. What a surprise!

I’m all in for The Spartans of Michigan State. My friends in Michigan could use a little good news. As long as it doesn't spread to Ann Arbor.

Go Big11Ten!

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Carl from Chicago said...

that's good looking pizza