Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

It's that time of year again. Earth Day. That annual celebration of dubious environmental hysteria is today.

Being an avid outdoorsman all my life everyday is Earth Day. Anytime I can get outside to fish, hunt or camp it is my intent to enjoy the planet and leave nothing behind. It sickens me to see beer cans in the field and fast food cups floating in the waterways. Not being an "environmentalist" I don't take it to extremes like the embarrassed hippies in the following video do. Fools, they are.

The environmental movement is nothing more than a leftist attack on progress, although many environmentalists call themselves progressives. They attack big oil, big chemical, big auto and anything else that's big. They are easy targets.

I am in favor of common sense environmental laws. Since the creation of the EPA many waters are cleaner and more fields are greener. That's good. But the latest cause du jour of man-made global warming is a joke and the supporters of this movement are power hungry politicians with an agenda. Since they're shameless and have a media and public education system to support their lies it's hard for the feeble minds to dispute. They make up stories about polar bears dying to fill our young with guilt and tell of rising oceans to scare coastal dwellers in populated urban areas into their fold.

Awareness has helped keep the highways, waterways and wilderness clean. But to a leftist, it's never enough. Placing unnecessary burdens on commerce with carbon taxes or cap and trade is a charade. The real agenda is to cripple American capitalism.

Anyone who claims to be an environmentalist is a fraud. It's nothing more than a bumper sticker or t-shirt to wear and express their false feeling of superiority and higher intelligence than the rest of us.

An excellent article on the subject is here:

Damn hippies can ki$$ my a$$!


johnnyj said...

Heheeee! That just made my day...

Beware -Enter the trolls!

Dan from Madison said...

Happy Lenin Birthday - what an outstanding coincidence.

Chris from Colorado said...


If you haven't listened to 'We're Only In It For the Money' in sometime, you should. Zappa hit the hippies, I mean the nail on the head in 1968. 'Hey Punk' is a classic among other songs from the album. I heard an interview recently where Zappa said hippies were just long haired versions of their parents.

Carl from Chicago said...

That is a great video by Penn and Teller

graphix said...

The other day I went to our local Walmart to pick up a replacement lightbulb. Simple thing, right?Couldn't find a single 60 watt bulb, so I asked an employee. Turns out, Walmart will no longer be carrying the regular watt bulbs. They are all going to lower wattage to conserve electricity. Instead of a 60 watt bulb, they offered me a 48 watt bulb letting me know I would "barely see a difference." I told him that I had already gone down from the 100 watt bulbs in my bathroom because they were too bright, and have been using 60. So, he gave me some 80-something watt bulbs (which was their version of the old 100 watts). Now it uses MORE energy than the 60s I was using. So much for energy conservattion! Eventually, this is supposed to be standard in all stores.