Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chicago's Pain, My Gain

Looking at the latest Intrade figures, Chicago is looking like the odds on favorite to get the racket known as the Olympics at this point. As an interesting footnote, it only took three comments to figure out why Steven Levitt's neighborhood was looking so clean as of late.

This is great news for me, as the City of Chicago will absorb all of the debt, traffic, and mayhem that the Olympics will bring and I will get the benefit of being able to watch three of the Olympic cycling events from here in Madison. I will also not need to buy a ticket for either of the road events, which pleases me greatly as I never want to give any money to the Olympic racket. No new facilities will need to be built, and there will be minimal traffic hassle here in Madison. I will also get to watch the athletes train, and ride the courses, an added bonus.

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