Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bulls Beat Celtics... on the road!

The Chicago Bulls got incredibly lucky this year in the NBA lottery when they received the first pick in the draft. They used this selection to get Derrick Rose, a Chicago native, at point guard. He has had a great season but really played out of his mind today as the Bulls beat the Celtics 105-103 AT BOSTON. The Bulls had never even won a playoff game against the Celtics - this is a big deal to win one on the road. Of course, Kevin Garnett was out, which is what gave us the shot in the first place, but sometimes even Chicago gets a bit of luck.

We almost won at the end of regulation but Noah made a bonehead foul that allowed the Celtics to tie the game (and almost win it) on foul shots. Other than that Noah played great. And Tyrus Thomas, that athletic freak who usually plays like he has a low basketball IQ, was playing great and hitting open jump shots, which surprised the heck out of everyone.

Rose fouled out right near the end of the OT period. His 36 points tied the most points in a first playoff game with Kareem. I assume he had a few more assists than Kareem, too.

At the end of the game Rose talked with one of the bonehead announcers. He seemed very humble and said he didn't know about that record (it is a bit obscure).

Even if we lose this series it really looks like Chicago got a winner with Rose and that is great. The game was well played, with actual defense on both sides, and frequent lead changes, rather than the 10 point leads and then big runs that the NBA is famous for. You didn't have to turn into the last 2 minutes to watch a good game.

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Carl from Chicago said...

My HD TV works great now for photos. Sucked under low def TV you'd see "waves".