Tuesday, April 14, 2009

$20 Well Spent

Click photo for larger.

On a recent trip to Florida my wife surprised me by making an executive decision and reserving one of these half cabana/half chaise lounge thingees for our use on the beach. It cost $20 for the whole day. It was amusing watching the guy run us through the whole feature/benefit package of this thing trying to work us for a tip. It didn't work. I think I was staring at him like he had an arm growing out of his a$$.

The instructions should be as follows - sit, adjust shade, drink beer or other appropriate drink, crash out.

Our original plan was like so many other vacationers - just buy a couple of chairs and either give them away, leave them at the hotel, or toss them in the trash after use.

But this plan was far superior. When you are fish belly white like my family is, shade is a key element of enjoying your day in the nuclear Florida sun. We need occasional breaks from the UV, even when we are slathered head to toe in sunscreen.

These chairs were comfortable and I fell asleep almost instantly, with zero chance of sunburn.

Don't get me wrong, I still got burned a bit, but not half bad as it could have been.


T of C.P., IN said...

With a few more yards of material and a couple of skids, I think you're onto a primo ice fishing shanty, eh.

Dan from Madison said...

Heh, ice fishing. Not on my radar screen.