Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trump Moon

Prior to living in a high rise in down town Chicago I didn't realize how much the moon moves at night, although it should have been obvious. These three pictures show the moon crossing the sky in probably a 45 minute span from left to right.





Dan from Madison said...

Cool photos. Since Trump is basically going tu, do you know what the status is of the tower?

Carl from Chicago said...

The tower is all built on the outside and they are finishing the interior of the upper floors.

Likely the investors will all take it up the rear end and the building will then move on with whomever buys their debt at distressed prices.

More worrisome are buildings that are far from complete when they run out of cash. There is a Shangri-La tower that was supposed to be 85 stories but is about built to 30 or so just raw concrete and I think they ran out of cash. That will likely be an eyesore for years to come. Thankfully it isn't an eyesore out my view.