Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ammo Situation Bleg

There can be little question that the Obama administration will try to assault the rights of gun owners everywhere...eventually. There is already word of an attempt at another silly "assault weapons" ban, which will be no doubt accompanied by the old canard of "we respect the rights of hunters but blah blah blah". I am not so sure if another ban will go through as there are a lot of Donk senators from states where gun rights is a very large issue.

A more logical approach would be for the Dems to go after ammunition. Right after the election I read in a lot of places about the "Obama bounce" for gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers alike.

I, for one, have been shopping for an evil black rifle and have been stockpiling tens of thousands of rounds of ammo of different calibers for my enjoyment (and/or defense) later on.

The usual place that I purchase my ammo hasn't raised their prices much, but they have been out of a lot of stuff lately. I just ordered from Cabela's yesterday, and the prices were just slightly higher than I am used to paying, but I also had to eat the freight. All in all, not too bad of a deal.

I am interested to see in different areas of the country what the ammunition situation looks like, and if you are experiencing any price spikes or shortages.

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James R. Rummel said...

Good post.


Phillip said...

Well, online it seems hard to find ammo at the prices I'm used to, and the variety is not as wide as it was a few months ago. Locally, I've been able to buy most things I want, but I've had to be selective about where and when I bought. Strangely, 00 Buckshot was the thing I had the hardest time finding. I can get 7.62x39 without too much trouble, although sometimes it's out of stock, and 9mm is a little hard to get.

What's amazing is how little ammo there is at Wal-mart, though. All of the gun shops around here seem to have ammo, but the shelves are bare at WM.

Anonymous said...

Location: Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina

What's gone: ALL .357 and .38 bulk and MOST nonbulk. Even the online dealers are out of bulk .38 and .357. Bulk .22LR.

Wal-mart has been stripped bare; all that's left is some nonmilitary rifle calibers (.243, 7mm, et cetera) and .22 magnum.

If you know where to look you can still get bulk 5.56 and 7.62 Sov Short; not much 7.62 NATO and 30-06 left around.

Dan from Madison said...

Tx Anon - Philip - what is your general location?

Phillip said...

I'm in central Florida, Lake County, about an hour's drive north of Orlando.

I'm fortunate in that we have a fairly decent number of gun shops in the area. We have a couple of dedicated gun shops, and several pawn shop / gun shop combinations.

Anonymous said...

Location: Omaha, NE
I just bought a Bersa Thunder .380 and got a great deal on the gun, but the ammo is all but impossible to find here. Cabela's, local gun dealers, and even Walmart - all out. Finally found a box at a pawn shop of all places. BTW, our local Cabela's just got in 4 pallets of Winchester 5.56 and was selling it for $30.00 a box, within 3 days they were down to only 20 boxes left. Go Figure!
- Alan J.

Chris from Colorado said...

In the Denver area, 12 gage, .22 LR and hunting rifle ammo are available , but 40 S & W, .38 , .357 and 9mm sell as soon as the are delivered (and in small amounts). Prices haven't seemed to go up though.

A month ago, I saw a guy fill an entire shopping cart in Walmart with a variety of ammo.

Annie said...

N/E Indiana and WalMart is the same here as Phillip stated. I've been driving out of town to an obscure farm store for ammo.

Dan from Madison said...

The comments here and at Chicago Boyz seem to be forming a consensus - there are shortages, but the price isn't too bad if you can get your hands on the stuff.

Gerry from Valpo said...

When I bought my Bersa .380 I had no idea the .380 was such a popular self defense round. Good thing I have some but I better start looking for more if I want to practice.

After reading most gun blogs over the years I thought only the highly-worshiped .45ACP would be the most rare.

Who knew?

Dan from Madison said...

I have been hearing that .380 is very hard to find just about everywhere.

Elton at Large said...


A friend of mine bought a new Glock 17 a few weeks after the election and had to wait about 2-months for it to come in. Should have been a slam-dunk since those venerable models have been around for 20-years and seem as ubiquitous as a Democratic earmark on Capitol Hill.

Last time I bought Winchester "White Box" 9mm at Wal Mart in the Chicago 'burbs, it ran about $18.50 per hundred. Quite a bargain, but I stocked up and haven't been back lately to check prices. USPSA season starts in April so I'm sure I'll have updates then.

Also, tell any of your Illinois readers to write their State Reps in support of House Bill 245 The Family and Personal Protection Act which will allow concealed carry for law-abiding citizens in Illinois. This one has the support of the Illinois Sheriff's Association for the first time ever and has a fighting chance of passing.

Dan from Madison said...

Elton - awesome wrt the Bill 245! At least you are making some sort of headway, you may beat us here in Wisco on conceal carry - which would make us the very last state in the union without that right.

Sucks to be me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

.380 is hard to find, because it is made on the same equipment as 9mm, which is way more popular.