Thursday, March 26, 2009

Suck It, Hippie Earth Worshiping Scum!

This new conflicting information sends a tingle up my leg.

First give a listen to some classic George Carlin to set up my (what seems to be a) weekly rant.

Next Saturday another Earth Hour event will be held. I wrote about this hokum last year.

Earth Hour is nothing more than an awareness event (a call to action so to speak) on behalf of environmentalist groin tuggers who have the arrogance to believe humans actually have the power to alter and control the climate. These hoaxters want everyone to turn off the lights for an hour on March 28th between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm in a show of commitment to stop manmade global warming.

At this time last year I was involved in a contract job at a large Chicago Ad Agency where they were providing pro-bono public relation and promotional support for this hour of worship so my awareness was reinforced daily.

That’s what this modern day environmental cult is all about, religious worship. It’s about people worshiping a large rock that rotates around the sun. Sounds like ancient pagan worship to me. And these are smart, educated people! Then again, consider who is educating them. So sad, really.

The posters and banners supporting Earth Hour were everywhere in and around the high-rise office building on Wacker Drive. Taxi’s driving through the Chicago streets along with CTA busses and trains also carried this vital message last year (this year I am trying to stay away from Chicago due to parking meter tyranny so I have no idea what's going on up there). The idea of Earth Hour is to goad young skulls full of mush and guilt-ridden old hippies into joining their cause in supporting this nonsensical rubbish on behalf of anti-capitalist partisans.

If they wanted to create real awareness this joke would be scheduled on an early January Friday at 5 pm. Since urban types are most susceptible to baseless alarmism such as this the least they could do is make a genuine sacrifice on a weekday evening. How about turning off the heat in your near north Irish Pub for an hour too?

I was reminded of how absurd this environmentalist cult is this morning when I read about another potential environmental disaster on Drudge:

The new scientific findings have been provided by NASA and issued by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS). They predict that another potential environmental catastrophe could be near in the form of a huge solar plasma ball hurling toward the earth capable of mass destruction.

From the article:

It is hard to conceive of the sun wiping out a large amount of our hard-earned progress. Nevertheless, it is possible. The surface of the sun is a roiling mass of plasma - charged high-energy particles - some of which escape the surface and travel through space as the solar wind. From time to time, that wind carries a billion-tonne glob of plasma, a fireball known as a coronal mass ejection (see "When hell comes to Earth"). If one should hit the Earth's magnetic shield, the result could be truly devastating.

Got that? You can turn off your lights to create awareness, recycle your eyeballs out, drive a hybrid car, eat dolphin-free tuna and still get wacked by an environmental disaster in the form of a flaming plasma ball.

Something will eventually come along and destroy the planet. Will it be man made global warming? How about Muslim extremists with a nuke or two? It could be a meteor like the one that wiped out dinosaurs that seals our fate. Who knows what will accelerate the demise of this planet?

Me? I’m betting on the flaming plasma ball.

Until then, I’m going fishing.

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Chris from Colorado said...

George Carlin is the BEST!

I think next Saturday night at 8:30, I'll play my 'End of the World Party' CD by Medeski, Martin and Wood...